Diesel Exhaust Fluid Volkswagen AdBlue, 5L
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Diesel Exhaust Fluid Volkswagen AdBlue, 5L

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Diesel Exhaust Fluid Volkswagen Adblue, 5L selectively converts exhaust gas nitrogen (NOx) into nitrogen and water without the formation of unwanted by-products. The conversion takes place using a synthetically produced urea solution, 32.5%, e.g. B. AdBlue (ISO 22241-1 / AUS 32), which is transported in an additional tank. Depending on the vehicle, the customer must fill the AdBlue fluid independently or through the authorized workshop between service intervals. Diesel Exhaust Fluid Volkswagen Adblue, 5L for NOx Exhaust Treatment is one of the efficient and environmentally friendly technologies that Volkswagen has provided under the BlueMotion Technologies umbrella brand.

AdBlue is a synthetic solution of urea and a fuel for diesel vehicles that needs to be replenished on a regular basis - this is done through a special AdBlue tank in the vehicle. Depending on the vehicle model, the filler neck is either under the fuel filler flap, next to the fuel filler neck, in the boot or in the engine compartment. Thanks to AdBlue, the strict emission limits of the European Union (Euro 6) are met.

Suitable for many Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat vehicles with diesel engines.

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