Order status

From the moment you have launched the order online, we take care of your request as soon as possible.

How we deal with it: we check the products in the order, their availability, their compatibility (if you ask our opinion); we reserve the products in our stock, we order from the supplier the products available to order, we request a delivery time in case the product is not in the supplier’s stock either.
We will contact you to communicate the delivery term as soon as we have complete information regarding the moment of order preparation.

Information about the order will be sent by email (and as a message in the order, visible in its history) or SMS, the telephone contact will be made only if absolutely necessary.

If a product is not available, in agreement with you we will replace it or remove it from the order. You can follow in real time the evolution as well as the changes brought to the order in the Order History section.

An order can go through the following stages: processing or waiting, shipped.

Order processing: The order has just been launched, it will be taken over by a Pro Detailing sales consultant.

Pending order: The chosen payment method is bank transfer, and one of the Pro Detailing sales consultants will send you the invoice by email to make the payment.

Order shipped: Your order has been prepared to be picked up by the courier. The tracking number can be verified on the courier's website after he has picked up the order from us.

Order Completed: The order was delivered and completed.

Thank you for choosing us,
Pro Detailing Team