About us

Since 2008 we are just as passionate and we have the same goal - to support you to be "true to your car".

Being true to your car goes beyond proper maintenance and responsible driving.
True to your car is stopping time to preserve your car as new.
True to your car translates into impeccable interior and flawless exterior.
True to your car conquers the peaks of your driving experience.
Proper maintenance and responsible driving are the backbone of any driving experience. Car detailing is the beating heart of the driving experience.
True to your car is our promise to you.
Long, long time ago, we@ProDetailing dived into the car detailing passion; some call
it car detailing market. Thousands and thousands of products, advice and customers later, our passion for car detailing techniques, products and solutions continues to reach new depths; as does our know how.
14 years later, we@ProDetailing take pride in supporting our customers with both well informed advice and products meant to improve their driving experience.
Our greatest reward seeing drivers being true to their cars.