Wishlist guide


The Favorites function is very useful if you want to save your favorite products in your own list, where you can follow their evolution, request information about availability or details about their features. Once saved in the Wishlist, the products can be quickly added to the shopping cart.

In order to use this feature, you must log in to your account or create a new one.

1. Adding products to the list

To add the products to the list you have to open the product page and press the "heart" button. If a product has several variations that interest you, it is necessary to add each of these variations to the list individually.

The correct addition to Favorites will be indicated by a confirmation message. Also, the "heart" button will turn gray.

2. View the products in the list

The list of favorites can be accessed from the top right of the Pro Detailing store page by clicking on the "heart" button.

3. Editing the product list

The following options are available by accessing the Wishlist:

Add to cart - using this button, the product from Favorites will be automatically transferred to the shopping cart

Delete from Favorites - remove the product from the list