Ceramic Coating Set 3D, 30ml
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Ceramic Coating Set 3D, 30ml

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Ceramic Coating Set 3D, 30ml ensures a faster, safer wash and faster and easier drying. The high surface tension created by the 3D ceramic coating makes the water physically want to get rid of the finish. This makes future washing faster and also safer, as the 9h Mohs hardness helps withstand damage during the washing and drying process. And because the surface of your car's paint will have a surface tension finish so high that water will be absorbed into your favorite drying towel instead of sticking to the paint. Due to the super hydrophobic surface, the 3D ceramic layer creates dirt, dust, pollen, road dirt, industrial fall and air pollution are much less likely to stick or stick to the surface of the paint. The super hydrophobic surface flows so well that, whenever it rains, the rainwater will clean up and then the car will run, washing and rinsing off any dirt or dust.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating Set 3D, 30ml:

- real ceramic coating with real hardness after 9 hours
- has a melting point of 2,730 degrees Celsius, and the resulting finish is 9 on the Mohs hardness scale
- superior gloss, which lasts a long time
- superior paint adhesion, which maximizes the longevity of the coating
- 3D ceramic coating creates an incredibly large contact angle, which creates a crazy surface super-water-hydrophobic pearls, where the water beads are tight, high and small
- creates a self-cleaning effect whenever it rains for a cleaner car
- makes future washing and drying faster, safer and easier
- protection for 2 years and even more, depending on how the car is washed;

Kit content:

1x Ceramic Coating 3D, 30ml
1x applicator
2x leather cloth