Bigboi BlowR Mini Plus
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Bigboi BlowR Mini Plus

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The Bigboi BlowR Mini (without "Plus") delivers around 4 hp with its unique engine and blows open air at a speed of 250 km / h. This is already a proud figure, but Mini + has now managed to overcome it again. To achieve this, the manufacturer has now installed a second engine in a row. The Bigboi BlowR Mini Plus is as thin as its smaller brother, but 13 cm longer. The two motors now offer every 1400 watts and thus (according to the manufacturer) reach up to 5 hp. When connected in series, they run more efficiently than the Mini's only engine and now blow airflow from the front outlet at up to 275 km / h.

The novelty is not only the extra speed, but also their individual control, resulting from the two existing engines. The Bigboi BlowR Mini Plus can only be operated with one or both engines - depending on the air speed you need. Regardless of the settings for operation with a single motor or with two motors, either the second switch can be set to "Full Speed" or "Adujstable". This allows the air flow to be adjusted using a potentiometer. The Mini already had this variable setting, but only in relation to a single engine.

Depending on the use of the engines and their speed setting, the Bigboi BlowR Mini Plus now regulates the heat supply automatically and analogously to the speed currently used. The lowest heat level is obtained when using a single motor with a variable setting on the smallest fan. The highest heat level then ensures the use of two motors at maximum power. This also eliminates the extra heating element that is built into the Mini.

Like the Mini and Pro, the Bigboi BlowR Mini Plus also comes with a five-meter long hose, whose flexible design is still unique and makes handling extremely easy and safe. Compared to regular hoses, the Bigboi hose can be conveniently juggled around the car.

If you still need more flexibility, you can take the 9 meter hose, which with the new thread now fits with Pro, Mini and Mini+. An individual accessory is the new stroller, which was specially designed for Mini+ and now has front wheels. However, the wall bracket remained the same.

By the way: Thanks to the motors installed one behind the other, the BigBoi vacuum cleaner accessory can also be used for Mini+!

Technical specifications of Bigboi BlowR Mini Plus:

- performance: 5 HP / approx. Air speed of 275 km / h / 2 x 1400 W.
- two interchangeable nozzles with different outlets and a rubber face
- 1x foam filter (replaceable and washable) for air intake already included as a replacement
- 230 V Euro socket
- weight: 5.2 kg
- length of the hose: 5 m
- cable length: 5 m
- volume: 75-81 db
- dimensions: 53 x 24.5 x 24 cm

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