Bigboi BlowR Mini
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Bigboi BlowR Mini

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Touchless car drying for enthusiasts and professionals

As you know, touch-free detailing methods greatly reduce the chances of scratching on the lake. While the washing process requires a glove, the drying process does not necessarily require a dedicated towel for drying.

Using the Bigboi BlowR Mini eliminates the possibility of creating scratches, so you still don't have to worry about them when you dry your car.

Bigboi BlowR Mini is the ideal solution for both enthusiasts and professionals. Featuring the most efficient single motor in the industry, the 2800 watt and 4 hp motor uses heated and filtered air to expel water from paint, metal, glass and chrome. Due to the strong jet of air, water is removed from all narrow and hard to reach places, such as: emblems, mirrors, handles, etc.

The Bigboi BlowR Mini comes with two interchangeable nozzles to ensure that air can be directed into narrow areas. Choose from two speeds and three temperatures, as needed.

Technical specifications of Bigboi BlowR Mini:

Voltage: 230V
Watts: 2800W
Hose: 5 meters
Noise: 73 - 79 db
Nozzle: rubber
Filtration: Double filtration system to reduce noise
Air stages: Air regulation in two stages, from 72 km / h to 220 km / h
Air Temperature: BigBoi Temp Technology (BTT) - 3 temperature steps (15, 25 or 45 ° C)
Dimensions: 35 x 40 x 20cm
Weight: 3.5 kg

Package contents:

1 x Bigboi BlowR Mini
1 x Hose 5m
2 x rubber nozzles
1 x foam air filter (reusable)

Quantity: 1 pc