Wynn's Tyre Fix, 400ml
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Wynn's Tyre Fix, 400ml
Wynn's Tyre Fix, 400ml

Wynn's Tyre Fix, 400ml

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Wynn's Tyre Fix, 400ml is used to temporarily repair cracked tires, designed to bring you home.

Benefits of Wynn's Tyre Fix, 400ml:

- repair and inflation of the damaged tire
- can repair the tire without removing the wheel
- no tools needed;

Way of ussage:

Shake well before use. Remove the dust cap from the tire and attach the tube to the air valve. Activate the tube and let it empty. Do not exceed 65 Km / h. It is not a permanent repair, the tires must be inspected by a trained technician and either repaired or replaced. Drive the car slowly for 20 minutes to allow the foam to find the crack and seal it. Guaranteed for use up to 1 year after manufacture.

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