Wynn's Chain Lube, 500ml
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Wynn's Chain Lube, 500ml

Wynn's Chain Lube, 500ml

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Wynn's Chain Lube, 500ml is a strong, water-resistant adhesive lubricant with high penetrating properties.


- special lubrication power, adhesion and penetration;
- waterproof;
- protects against rust and corrosion;
- delays friction and wear;
- prevents deposits and accumulation of dirt;
- it is resistant to mud, cold, hot or salty water;
- prevents the closing of the mechanisms;
- it is not a conductor of electricity;
- prevents scratches;


- treats the mechanisms whose lubrication is not easy or continuous:
- motorcycles and bicycle chains, chainsaws;
- tools for workshops, agricultural equipment, etc. ;
- lever mechanisms, locks, hinges, doors;
- cables, worm gears, bowden cables, tools, chain conveyors, connecting links.

Instructions for use:

- remove lubricant residues or dirt with a Wynn's Chain Lube, 500ml;
- spray only on the elements you want to be lubricated;
- allow the solvent to evaporate;
- do not add Wynn's Chain Lube, 500ml to the engine oil.

Content: 500 ml