Wynn's 3XA Diesel System Cleaner, 325ml
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Wynn's 3XA Diesel System Cleaner, 325ml

Wynn's 3XA Diesel System Cleaner, 325ml

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Wynn's 3XA Diesel System Cleaner, 325ml is a chemical treatment composed of cleaning agents and a cerium component.


- reduces black smoke and soot caused by emission;
- cleans and keeps clean the entire fuel system (injectors, fuel pump, pipes);
- helps reduce carbon deposits in the combustion chamber;
- helps to improve combustion and engine performance;
- reduces the noise caused by diesel type battles;
- reduces fuel consumption;
- decreases the burning temperature of soot particles;
- prolongs the life of the filters;
- protects the power supply system against premature wear and damage by reducing the level of rust and corrosion;
- does not damage the catalysts or particulate filters of diesel engines;


- recommended for all diesel engines, old or new;

Instructions for use:

- add to the diesel fuel tank before filling;
- a 325 ml container is enough for 50 liters of diesel;
- it is preferable to add the product before filling the tank with diesel so that the product can mix well with the fuel;
- the treatment is repeated every 5,000 km;

Technical data:

Appearance: Clear yellow liquid
Density at 15 ° C: 0.8265 kg / dm³
Refractive index at 20 ° C: Ca. 1.4508
Flash point: Approx. 45 ° C

Content: 325 ml