Wheel Repair Kit Quixx
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Wheel Repair Kit Quixx

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Wheel Repair Kit Quixx with innovative Quixx Liquid Aluminum technology allows you to quickly eliminate damage. The scratches and even small broken pieces of the rim are easy to repair: the rim is molded back to its original shape and then the treated area is painted using the retouching pen provided.

Benefits of Wheel Repair Kit Quixx:

- system with 2 components
- the appearance of the rim is permanently restored by completing the damaged areas with the supplied repair compound
- the repair compound combines harmoniously with the aluminum rims for a long-lasting restoration
- avoid expensive repairs and maintain value
- professional quality results

Contents: 1 "liquid aluminum" repair filler, 1 rim varnish, 100 and 600 special wallpapers, 1 sanding block, 1 pair of gloves