Wheel Brush Meguiar's Supreme, Medium
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Wheel Brush Meguiar's Supreme, Medium

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Wheel Brush Meguiar's Supreme, Medium has thick microfiber heads, with a superior cleaning capacity and completely safe on all finishes and types of rims. Perfect for cleaning all rim surfaces and long enough to reach the back of the rims. The brush has no wire or other metallic materials, these being a common source of potential damage to the rims. The microfiber pile cleans effectively while it is soft with the rims of your car.

Efficient cleaning, with extremely absorbent microfiber heads, easy access to all rim areas. After use, rinse the dirt and product well with clean water and allow to dry.

- for best results, use the brush together with a dedicated rim solution, such as:

Rim Decon Pro Rim Detailing - Wheel Cleaning Solution, 500ml
Meguiar's Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner, 710ml

- solid premium handle for improved durability;
- safe cleaning of the rims on all finishes;
- size: medium

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