Washing Sponge Flexipads Magic Sponge
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Washing Sponge Flexipads Magic Sponge

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Washing Sponge Flexipads Magic Sponge is ideal for effortless removal of stubborn stains from all decorative materials of vinyl and plastic, leather, etc. With the help of the sponge, you will remove traces of dirt that traditional cleaners will not remove!

Instructions for use:

Simply moisten Washing Sponge Flexipads Magic Sponge and rub it hard over the place you want to clean. It will remove dirt from the interior panels of car doors, trunk, car loading area, seat backs and similar surfaces in trucks, buses, boats, caravans and around the house!

Caution should be exercised on glossy surfaces, as the sponge may cause scratches.

Caution: This sponge wears out when used, this is normal and part of the cleaning process. Sponge is used only moistened!

Dimensions: 9 x 7 x 2.5 cm

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