Valvoline Synthetic Chain Lube, 500ml
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Valvoline Synthetic Chain Lube, 500ml

Valvoline Synthetic Chain Lube, 500ml

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Valvoline Synthetic Chain Lube, 500ml is an extremely effective lubricant, formulated with high quality ingredients, which ensures low friction and remarkable lubrication. It is specially developed to meet the demanding requirements of high speed chain transmissions, while maintaining optimal performance. Due to its superior characteristics, the synthetic lubricant for Valvoline chains can withstand various unfavorable working conditions and can remain stable even when exposed to heavy loads.

Benefits of Valvoline Synthetic Chain Lube, 500ml:

- outstanding anti-wear properties that help extend the life of chains and sprockets, as well as prevent chain elongation
- excellent adhesive properties
- low friction, which allows a minimum resistance
- exceptional lubrication that allows optimal performance
- resistance to harsh weather conditions
- Excellent water repellent properties, including resistance to salt water
- reduced accumulation of dirt
- weak acid resistance
- impressive thermal and mechanical stability
- transparent solution with neutral pH
- directed jet spray, which facilitates its application

How to use: Before use, Valvoline Synthetic Chain Lube should be kept at room temperature, while the processing temperature should be somewhere between 5 degrees C and 30 degrees C. Before applying Valvoline Synthetic Chain Lube, make sure that you read carefully the instructions on the bottle label. The first step is to clean both the chain and the sprockets. Then simply shake the product and then apply it in two equally thin layers, while slowly rotating the chain.

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