Valvoline Petrol System Cleaner, 300ml
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Valvoline Petrol System Cleaner, 300ml

Valvoline Petrol System Cleaner, 300ml

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Valvoline Petrol System Cleaner, 300ml is a powerful cleaning additive, very effective for all gasoline engines. This cleaning solution helps restore engine performance, reduce exhaust emissions, deposits and high fuel consumption. Valvoline Petrol System Cleaner keeps the entire fuel system clean for optimal performance.

Benefits of Valvoline Petrol System Cleaner, 300ml:

- due to its high quality ingredients, Valvoline Petrol System Cleaner is extremely efficient and helps to clean the entire supply system from the tank to the combustion chamber
- removes deposits, harmful substances and resins from the fuel system, which improves the overall performance of the engine
- by restoring engine performance, this cleaning agent decreases fuel consumption and promotes fuel economy, thus reducing vehicle operating costs
- keeps the lambda sensor clean, which allows the exhaust gas catalytic converter to work properly. This leads to a better performance of the emissions system and to the reduction of exhaust emissions
- extremely easy application, which does not require the use of any equipment

How to use: Simply add the contents of the metal bottle Valvoline Petrol System Cleaner, 300ml directly into the fuel tank.

Dosage: Use a 300 ml bottle with 80 liters of fuel and half a bottle with 40 liters of fuel.

Quantity: 300ml