Valvoline Penetrating Oil, 500ml
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Valvoline Penetrating Oil, 500ml

Valvoline Penetrating Oil, 500ml

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Valvoline Penetrating Oil, 500ml is a high quality pressurized lubricant, designed to weaken rusty parts. Valvoline penetrating oil has been specially formulated to penetrate rust and corrosion and to release fasteners. Due to its low surface tension, penetrating oil easily dissolves rust from seized components.

Benefits of Valvoline Penetrating Oil, 500ml:

- good penetration properties
- moisture resistance
- corrosion prevention
- strong spray jet 360 degrees

How to use: Read the instructions on the package carefully or watch our video with instructions on penetrating oil before use. Valvoline Penetrating Oil, 500ml must be at room temperature before application. The processing temperature must be between 5 and 30 ° C. Shake the container well before use, then spray the target parts avoiding excessive lubrication. Once you apply the spray, let it take effect. After a few minutes, easily remove the rusty nuts and bolts.

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