Valvoline EGR Cleaner, 500ml
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Valvoline EGR Cleaner, 500ml

Valvoline EGR Cleaner, 500ml

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Valvoline EGR Cleaner, 500ml is an effective cleaning spray used to dissolve deposits from the exhaust gas recirculation valve, air intake system and intake valves. It helps maximize engine efficiency, allowing it to run smoother and more optimally. It is extremely beneficial for restoring airflow to the engine, improving power and acceleration, as well as reducing exhaust fumes. Valvoline EGR Cleaner is designed for professional use only and is a perfect addition to any workshop.

Benefits of Valvoline EGR Cleaner, 500ml:

- has fast action
- leaves no residue
- prevents resin deposits
- it is easy to use

Way of ussage:

First, disassemble the air intake hose or a turbo pressure sensor. Then start the engine and let it run at 2000 rpm.

Shake the bottle before opening and place the nozzle on top. Insert the nozzle into the air intake manifold and spray the aerosol at 5 second intervals. Repeat the process until the engine runs smoothly again. Once you are sure that the engine is working properly, stop it and reconnect the air intake hose or a turbo pressure sensor. For more detailed instructions, watch the instructional video.

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