Valvoline Diesel System Protector, 300ml
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Valvoline Diesel System Protector, 300ml

Valvoline Diesel System Protector, 300ml

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Valvoline Diesel System Protector, 300ml is an extremely efficient cleaning agent that offers premium protection to all diesel engine components that come into contact with fuel. Helps keep the diesel system clean and lubricated, improves fuel combustion and prevents corrosion. Valvoline Diesel System Protector helps improve engine performance and promotes fuel economy.

Benefits of Valvoline Diesel System Protector, 300ml:

- Superior cleaning properties, which help stop the formation of harmful deposits inside the engine and keep the entire diesel system perfectly clean
- excellent protection against corrosion due to the special inhibitors used in the formulation of the product
- good fuel stabilizing properties, which help protect the system, especially in the case of biofuel supply
- Improved ignition and fuel combustion, due to cetane enhancers
- Improved lubricity of low sulfur diesel, which prevents wear of the injection system and valve seats
- allows low fuel consumption and promotes fuel economy due to high quality additives that help keep the entire system clean

How to use: Valvoline Diesel System Protector, 300ml is easy to apply and does not require special equipment and tools. Add the contents of a 300 ml metal bottle of Valvoline Diesel System Protector directly to the tank containing up to 50 liters of diesel.

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