Valvoline Brake Cleaner, 500ml
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Valvoline Brake Cleaner, 500ml

Valvoline Brake Cleaner, 500ml

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In the case of most brake cleaning products, manufacturers claim that they evaporate instantly, but they leave residue. Not Valvoline. Our product is specially designed to control the evaporation rate, so that dissolved oil and contaminants are removed, not redeposited on the parts of the braking system. Valvoline Brake Cleaner, 500ml is suitable for parts of the braking system, brake pads, drums and discs, brake cylinders or can be used as a universal degreaser, for the clutch disc, pressure plates, switches or contactors.

- removes brake fluid, Vaseline, oil and dust;
- removes oil, deposits and carbon from electric motors;
- does not contain solvents;
- it is not flammable and conductive;
- leaves no residue;
- strong cleaning action, with aerosols;

Content: 500 ml