Tyre Inflator Osram TyreInflate 2000, 12V
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Tyre Inflator Osram TyreInflate 2000, 12V

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Tyre Inflator Osram TyreInflate 2000, 12V is a rechargeable tire compressor with backlit digital display for easier and more accurate tire pressure measurements and inflation that displays pressure values ​​in BAR, kPA and PSI. Tyre Inflator Osram TyreInflate 2000, 12V has an internal memory and thanks to the memory function, up to four different values ​​can be programmed and stored for different tires. It is also equipped with an automatic shut-off function. It stops automatically when the correct and preset pressure is reached. Through the included USB cable, it is rechargeable and no 12V socket is required for power, so it is not only for inflating car tires, but can also be used for inflating bicycle, scooter and motorcycle tires. The light and compact design makes it ideal for use on the go and can be taken almost anywhere. With the included storage bag, simply store in the car glove box, bag or backpack. A support for mounting and storing on a bicycle is included. Thanks to the powerbank function, the Tyre Inflator Osram TyreInflate 2000, 12V can also be used as a charger for electronic devices, such as e.g. a mobile phone. In addition, the integrated flashlight function can provide illumination at night or in low light conditions. Also included is a 2-piece adapter set that can be used as a connector for bicycles, balls and other inflatables with valves.

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