Tyre and Rubber Coating Carpro CQuartz BlackOut, 50ml
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Tyre and Rubber Coating Carpro CQuartz BlackOut, 50ml

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Tyre and Rubber Coating Carpro CQuartz BlackOut, 50ml uses polysiloxane technology combined with an acrylic resin to create an incredibly durable protective layer for rubber and plastic. The coating is much more durable than traditional tire dressings, while also being 100% dry to the touch and without the sticky side effects of silicone-based products. This unique formula also inhibits rubber damage and protects against UV rays. BlackOut makes tires extremely easy to clean! Dirt barely sticks to it in the first place, and if it is washed regularly, you never need more than water to clean it perfectly.

Benefits of Tyre and Rubber Coating Carpro CQuartz BlackOut, 50ml:

- self-cleaning, hydrophobic, resistant to salt and chemicals
- UV resistance
- keeps the matte / satin black look
- without VOC
- Carpro states an estimated durability of 6 months

Applications: Rubber / Plastic

How to use:

- wash the tires well with MultiX
- dries very well!
- put a line of BlackOut on the tire applicator sponge
- apply the product on the surface of the tire walls. (Add product as needed)
- let the layer dry for at least 30 minutes
- to apply a second coat, repeat the above steps;


- allow to dry for at least 12 hours before exposure to bad weather
- avoid soaps and chemicals in the first 3 days
- recommended application temperature: 14 ° C ~ 32 ° C
- avoid use on motorcycle tires;

Quantity: 50 ml