Turtle Wax Gorilla Wash Glove
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Turtle Wax Gorilla Wash Glove

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The Turtle Wax Gorilla Wash Glove with double action, suitable for everyone, does all the hard work, so you don't have to, doing a quick job of stubborn dirt and contaminants. On the one hand, millions of soft microfibers from the caterpillar fight dirt and debris without scratching the delicate paint.

Then, when it comes time to get rid of those tiring insect stains, simply turn the glove on the hard scrub side to effortlessly lift these stubborn contaminants. The elastic band keeps the glove safe to give you the precision and dexterity you need to thoroughly clean those complicated spaces that a typical car wash sponge will not touch.

It is the ultimate cleaning tool, saving time and effort for car maintenance, while renewing your shiny and showroom finish.

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