Toilet Seat Cover Esenia, 250 pcs
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Toilet Seat Cover Esenia, 250 pcs

Toilet Seat Cover Esenia, 250 pcs

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Toilet Seat Cover Esenia, 250 pcs are indispensable in public places where hygiene and cleanliness are key elements. Toilet covers are perfect for use in public places such as restaurants, schools, hotels, so that you don't have any unpleasant experiences. With a special design, they are easy to use by both children and adults.

The protective films sit perfectly on the toilet bowl and, due to the fact that the surface is quite large, it prevents you from coming into direct contact with the unhygienic surfaces of the toilet. They are resistant, so repeated movements will not break them easily.


White color
Packaging: 250 pieces/set
Paper thickness: 17g/m2
The protective foils for the toilet bowl are disposable.

Toilet paper covers are made of 100% biodegradable paper, making them safe for the environment. You can throw them in the toilet without fearing that it could clog. In addition to the protection they offer, they are easily dissolvable.

Quantity: 1 set (250 pcs)