Textile Cleaner Colourlock Fabric Cleaner, 500ml
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Textile Cleaner Colourlock Fabric Cleaner, 500ml

Textile Cleaner Colourlock Fabric Cleaner, 500ml

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Textile Cleaner Colourlock Fabric Cleaner, 500ml is used for cleaning high-quality textile materials, such as furniture upholstery and carpets, for cleaning surfaces and removing stains. Fabric Cleaner is also recommended for microfibers such as Alcantara. Textile materials become dirty over time or become stained. With Fabric Cleaner you can clean high quality textiles and Alcantara.

The amount of 250 ml of Fabric Cleaner is sufficient for the thorough cleaning of a set of furniture or a car interior. The 500 ml one is enough for several sets of furniture or car upholstery. And the one liter one is recommended for filling 250 ml or 500 ml bottles when it is necessary to clean larger surfaces.

How to use: Always test the products to observe any changes. For daily cleaning, sometimes it is enough to carefully vacuum the textile materials. For stains and dirt, use Fabric Cleaner. Before cleaning, shake the bottle well and release the lever from under the spray head.

Stain removal: put Textile Cleaner Colourlock Fabric Cleaner on Cleaning Sponge or Leather Cleaning Brush. Press the sponge until foam forms. By circular movements and from one seam to another, clean the surface so that no edges (contours) are created by cleaning. Then shake with a damp cloth. Don't insist too much. Do not overmoisten! Repeat the procedure if necessary.

Fresh stains must be removed immediately with an absorbent and clean cloth. Dab on the center of the stain without spreading the stain outwards and do not rub. Never insist too hard because changes can occur. For larger stains, you must always clean from one seam to another.

You can also clean dirt and grease stains with the Leather Cleaning Spirit product.

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