Teroson Zinc Spray VR 4600, 500ml
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Teroson Zinc Spray VR 4600, 500ml

Teroson Zinc Spray VR 4600, 500ml

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Body repair - corrosion protection: zinc spray, corrosion protection coating, cannot be repainted.

Teroson Zinc Spray VR 4600, 500ml is a fast-curing zinc-based spray primer used for vehicle body repair and maintenance. Provides optimal protection for iron and steel against corrosion. Provides electrical conductivity, both when wet and when dry. The product cannot be repainted and has resistance to high temperatures. As a result of its "self-healing property", this protective coating can close small cracks. The dry film sticks well to cleaned metal parts and offers high resistance to abrasive wear. It is recommended to treat the surface with Teroson VR 10.

Benefits of Teroson Zinc Spray VR 4600, 500ml:

- protection against corrosion between flanges after spot welding
- electrically conductive (wet and dry)
- corrosion protection for unpainted parts (eg exhaust system)
- resistant to high temperatures
- corrosion protection coating for non-paintable parts

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