Teroson Panel Bonder EP 5055, 250ml
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Teroson Panel Bonder EP 5055, 250ml

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Body repair - structural adhesive, two-component epoxy, high-strength adhesive, corrosion protection.

Teroson Panel Bonder EP 5055, 250ml is a two-component epoxy-based structural bonding adhesive with excellent corrosion protection properties for bonding metal (with and without primer), eg steel, aluminum or composite laminate. It is ideal for gluing the ceiling and panels. The product has excellent properties for corrosion prevention and spot welding. It is necessary to use a piston applicator. It is recommended to prepare the surface with Teroson VR 10.

Benefits of Teroson Panel Bonder EP 5055, 250ml:

- two-component adhesive with high resistance
- excellent protection against corrosion
- spot welding before hardening
- no solvents
- adheres to a wide range of materials (without primer), such as aluminum, steel and composite laminate
- easy application

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