Surface Degreaser Gyeon Q2M Prep, 500ml
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Surface Degreaser Gyeon Q2M Prep, 500ml

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Surface Degreaser Gyeon Q2M Prep, 500ml is the final cleaning product to prepare the surface before applying any protective coating. Unlike IPA (isopropyl alcohol), Gyeon Q2M Prep, 500 ml  will not only clean the oils and residues left after the polish, but it will be much easier to clean with any microfiber cloth, leaving the paint smooth, clean and ready for protection. Surface Degreaser Gyeon Q2M Prep, 500ml has anti-static abilities, which will prevent dust from being deposited on the clean surface. Moreover, although the product is IPA based, it remains completely safe for painters and can be used even on fresh paints.

IPA content (isopropyl alcohol):> 50%
Consumption:> 150 ml / car

Content: 500 ml