Surface Degreaser 3D Wipe, 3.78L
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Surface Degreaser 3D Wipe, 3.78L

Surface Degreaser 3D Wipe, 3.78L

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Surface Degreaser 3D Wipe, 3.78L is a quality product that is formulated to remove oils without damaging the paint at the same time. It is safe and effective. It is strong enough to remove any oils or other substances that would interfere with the proper bonding of the 3D ceramic paint layer, but it provides more than enough lubrication to prevent accidental damage to towels.

Benefits of Surface Degreaser 3D Wipe, 3.78L:

- The water-based solvent safely removes residual polishing oils
- formula with a high degree of lubrication helps prevent accidental damage to towels
- perfectly prepares the paint for the appropriate gluing for the ceramic coating
- can be used on paint, glass, plastic, rubber and metal surfaces
- fresh, clean, pleasant smell
- perfect pre-coating preparation for ceramic coating or any coating
- green, ecological and biodegradable technology

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