Stop Smoke for Oil Wynn's, 325ml
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Stop Smoke for Oil Wynn's, 325ml

Stop Smoke for Oil Wynn's, 325ml

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Stop Smoke for Oil Wynn's, 325ml is an oil-soluble supplement designed to reduce exhaust fumes due to oil burning or as a preventive agent in case of heavy load and high temperature. It can be used for petrol, LPG and diesel engines.

Benefits of Stop Smoke for Oil Wynn's, 325ml:

- reduces the smoke emitted due to the burning of the oil
- improves the viscosity properties of the oil at high oil temperatures
- seals gaps between worn engine components
- improves engine compression and performance
- reduces engine noise
- ensures a strong protective film in high temperature conditions
- is compatible with all mineral oils, synthetic, simple and multigrade
- will not affect catalytic converters, turbochargers and soot filters
- can be used for cars with excessive blue / gray smoke due to oil burning
- it is particularly efficient for older engines with worn components;

Way of ussage:

Add the oil content when the engine is warm. To obtain a good mixture with the oil after addition, let the engine run or drive for 5 minutes.
Use at oil change or between oil change as needed. A 325 ml metal box treats between 3 and 6 liters of engine oil.

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