Spray Booth Protect Pro Finixa, 5L
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Spray Booth Protect Pro Finixa, 5L

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Spray Booth Protect Pro Finixa, 5L offers a transparent, sticky and washable coating to protect the walls of spray booths against overspray. The product remains sticky to hold onto the swirling dust. Biodegradable.

Apply a thick layer using a pressure tank. Then remove with water and a sponge. Remove or apply another layer when the product is no longer sticky.

Benefits of Spray Booth Protect Pro Finixa, 5L:

- average consumption per spray booth: 12L;
- depending on temperature and humidity, the product will remain sticky for 10-12 weeks;
- number of layers (min-max): 1/3;
- coverage: 10 m²/L/layer;
- drying time: 15 min. 60°;
- removal: water and sponge - high-pressure washing machine;


Paint roller: without dilution
Spray gun: needle 2.5
Pressure tank: 2.0 - without dilution

Quantity: 5L