SpeckLESS Sleeker Wash Mitt, Red
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SpeckLESS Sleeker Wash Mitt, Red

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SpeckLESS Sleeker Wash Mitt, Red is a soft, soft but stable microfiber glove. Thanks to the microfiber fabrics, it allows you to clean the car perfectly, even in the most difficult to reach places. Long microfiber tassels offer optimal cleaning performance.

- the special microfiber material attracts dust and dirt;
- soft, comfortable and easy to handle;
- does not leave lint;
- can be washed at a maximum of 60 degrees C - without conditioner;
- after use, if you do not want to wash it, always rinse well in warm water;
- dry the glove naturally;

Composition: 70% polyester / 30% polyamide
Color: Red

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