Special Rim Cleaner Liqui Moly, 1000ml
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Special Rim Cleaner Liqui Moly, 1000ml

Special Rim Cleaner Liqui Moly, 1000ml

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With a new formula consisting of active cleaning agents and color indicators. For easy and deep cleaning of alloy or steel rims. Special Rim Cleaner Liqui Moly, 1000ml cleans the dust resulting from the brake pads. Due to the gel-like consistency, the product adheres to the rim and guarantees an optimal cleaning capacity. With Special Rim Cleaner Liqui Moly, 1000ml the dirt is penetrated and dissolved quickly and efficiently. The cleaning process can be visually controlled and will reach the optimum cleaning point when the color of the solution turns purple. The pH of the product is slightly alkaline, but the most sensitive rims or studs will not be attacked, because this product does not have acid cleaning agents in its composition. It is a biodegradable product.

Instructions for use:

Shake the product well before use. Spray the solution directly on the rims. Depending on the degree of dirt, leave it to act for 5 to 7 minutes, but should not be allowed to dry. In case of extreme dirt, you can shake the product using a brush or sponge. After cleaning, rinse with a strong jet of water.

Content: 1 liter