Soft Cut Foam Menzerna, 150mm
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Soft Cut Foam Menzerna, 150mm

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The new premium polish sponges from Menzerna fit perfectly on any painted surface. They are also perfectly suited for Menzerna pastes and guarantee excellent polishing results. Soft Cut Foam Menzerna, 150mm offers easier handling and reduced use of force. Professional users will be more relaxed, and enthusiastic users will learn easier. Along with Menzerna Super Finish and Final Finish fine paste, this sponge removes fine scratches, holograms, etc. The special structure of the foam with a high removal speed supports the effect of the Menzerna polishes and reliably offers the best results.

Soft Cut Foam Menzerna, 150mm is suitable for use with Menzerna fine pastes: Final Finish 3000, Super Finish 3500 and Super Finish 3800. The new premium Menzerna sponges can be used on both orbital and rotary polish machines. .

Diameter: 150 mm

Quantity: 1 pcs