Scangrip Line Light Bonnet C+R
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Scangrip Line Light Bonnet C+R

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The new version of the bonnet light gives you extremely strong illumination of the entire engine compartment. Compared to a traditional light with a fluorescent hood, it offers a 75% higher luminescence.

DUAL SYSTEM lighting functionality means that the work light is both rechargeable and with a 5 m rubber cable, offering unlimited application possibilities and complete freedom in your daily tasks. Without cable, the hood light could also be used as a large inspection lamp.

Supplied with an adjustable telescopic support (1.2-1.7 m) with soft hook ends, it offers a firm and scratch-free grip on the vehicle. The support is compact and takes up less space when stored.

Inside the cab, the bonnet lamp can also be used as a work light mounted by the telescopic support or mounted on the windshield by the flexible arm with suction cup. Additional accessories are available for positioning the lamp in all places on or under the car.

Through a built-in prism, the Scangrip Line Light Bonnet C+R focuses the light at a beam angle of 75 degrees, providing extremely strong illumination of the specific work area. Blindness during work is avoided, and the lamp itself can be rotated to provide the optimal lighting angle.

Benefits of Scangrip Line Light Bonnet C+R:

- light power (1000 lumens) increased by over 40%
- resistant to dust and water, IP65
- choose between 2 light settings (50% or 100%) for maximum operating time
- new magnetic, electronic switch
- extremely low weight, only support of 1000g

Technical specifications Scangrip Line Light Bonnet C+R:

Battery capacity (mAh): 5200
Battery type: Li-ion
Battery voltage (V): 3.70
Cable: 5m 2x1mm2 H05RN-F
Charger included: yes
Charging input voltage (V): 100-240V a.50 / 60Hz
Charging current (A): 3.50
DC charging voltage (V): 4.20
Maximum power consumption (W): 13.00
Plug type: Type G
Power source: Cable and rechargeable

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