Scangrip Head Lite
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Scangrip Head Lite
Scangrip Head Lite
Scangrip Head Lite

Scangrip Head Lite

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In almost any work situation it is convenient to have both hands free to carry out your work as efficiently as possible. Scangrip Head Lite is developed to give you such an indispensable and supportive work light.

Scangrip Head Lite is designed to provide optimal working light illumination with 2 different lighting functions in one: a light beam angle that illuminates the entire work area and a focused beam angle for inspection or long distance use.

Choose between 2 light levels (50% or 100%) depending on your load and the need for efficient lighting.

Scangrip Head Lite is designed to be compact and comfortable to wear. The headlight has a black woven band (25 mm) with a soft built-in protective pad to avoid fingerprints on the forehead. In fact, after wearing it for a few minutes, you won't notice it at all.

Scangrip Head Lite has the function of a touch-free sensor, making it easy to turn the lamp on / off by simply waving in front of the headlight. in this way you can activate the lamp with thick gloves and avoid touching the switch button with dirty hands. To avoid unintentional activation, you must activate the sensor with a double movement.

If you want to save battery capacity, you can easily turn on the lamp only when necessary with the sensor function. It can also be an advantage to turn off the lamp to avoid blinding your close colleagues.

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