Rotary Polisher Flex PE 14-2 150, 150mm
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Rotary Polisher Flex PE 14-2 150, 150mm

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Flex tools are known worldwide for their quality. The Rotary Polisher Flex PE 14-2 150, 150mm can be used very easily due to its high performance. The gentle power pack is ideal for quick paint correction. The Rotary Polisher Flex PE 14-2 150, 150mm has been developed by professionals for professionals. This rotary polish machine has perfect ergonomics and is very quiet. The rotation range is between 380 - 2100 rot / min.


- electronic VR microprocessor for control: selection of speed without steps;
- constant speed with the help of tachometer and temperature, smooth start, protection when restarting after voltage drops, overload protection;
- powerful 1400 W motor with powerful fan for optimal cooling;
- optimized air ducts for optimal engine and transmission cooling efficiency;
- innovative combination of gearbox speeds and optimized machining angles reduce noise to the lowest level;
- the very flat reducer allows the operation in very narrow places;
- the rubber handle has an ergonomic design and is very soft, the Rotary Polisher Flex PE 14-2 150, 150mm can be guided with precision;
- the shaft lock knob is ideally positioned to prevent operating errors and does not interfere with the gripping area;
- the cable with a length of 4 meters, made of PUR H05-BQF is resistant to wear, abrasion and has an increased flexibility.


Plate diameter: 125 mm
Maximum sponge polish diameter: 150 mm
Weight without cable: 2.3 kg
Motor power: 1400 Watts
Idle speed: 380 - 2100 rpm

Contents: 1 piece (polish machine, side handle)