Radiator Flush Wynn's, 325ml
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Radiator Flush Wynn's, 325ml

Radiator Flush Wynn's, 325ml

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Radiator Flush Wynn's, 325ml is a concentrate designed to clean car cooling systems.


- strong acid-free radiator cleaner that removes rust, deposits and oily residues;
- excellent performance in all types of coolant, including OAT;
- keeps dirt and particles in suspension during cleaning;
- safe for rubber hoses, seals and for all metals in the cooling system;
- extremely efficient in all closed circuit cooling systems;
- restores the optimal operation of the controls within the cooling system;


- recommended for water-based cooling systems for all petrol or diesel engines;
- recommended for use when changing the coolant (follow the manufacturer's recommendations);
- particularly efficient in the case of cleaning older cooling systems;

Instructions for use:

- shake the contents well and add to the cooling system through the expansion vessel, if it is part of the circuit system (2 hoses: flow and return), or directly in the radiator if only one hose is mounted in the tank;
- for superior performance, first replace the old water coolant, then add Radiator Flush Wynn's, 325ml;
- heat the engine, setting the inclusion control to "HOT";
- let the engine idle for 10 minutes; the heating control is also on "HOT";
- stop the engine and let it cool down, open the drain valve and empty the system;
- with the system still open, rinse well with water, close the system and then refill with coolant (antifreeze);
- a 325 ml container is enough for 5 to 12 liters;
- add Wynn’s Radiator Stop Leak as a leak prevention agent;

Technical data:

Appearance: Slightly cloudy green liquid
Density at 15 ° C: 1,071 kg / dm³
Undiluted pH value: 12.2
Freezing point: Approx. 0 ° C
Refractive index at 20 ° C 1.356

Content: 325 ml