Quixx Glass Scratch Remover Kit
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Quixx Glass Scratch Remover Kit

Quixx Glass Scratch Remover Kit

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With Quixx Glass Scratch Remover Kit, scratches can be easily and reliably removed from windshields, car windows, interior windows, mobile phones, watches, etc. Thus, safety, optics, functions and last but not least, the value of cars or devices are restored. This saves a lot of money, as it is now possible to give up the expensive exchange of scratched glassware.

Benefits of Quixx Glass Scratch Remover Kit:

- removes small and medium scratches on glass surfaces (eg windshield)
- two-component system
- High-Tech Diamond Polish removes scratches
- Diamond Fine-Polish polishes for a high gloss
- better viewing for safe driving
- reduces the abrasion of the wiper blades
- can be used for car windows, smartphone, watch, glass furniture, etc.
- the application is easy and efficient
- save money: repair instead of replace
- can be used for 30-40 applications

Contents: 1 kit (1 x Repair Syringe No. 1 (0.5 g); 1 x Finish Syringe No. 2 (0.5 g); 1 x polishing rod; 6 x polishing strips; instruction manual)