PU Leather Protector Colourlock, 150ml
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PU Leather Protector Colourlock, 150ml

PU Leather Protector Colourlock, 150ml

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PU Leather Protector Colourlock, 150ml is a pod for PU leather ideal for cleaning and caring for PU leather.

The split (the lower layer of leather obtained after splitting (split)) with a glossy appearance, covered with foil is known as PU or Bycast leather or leather with Pull Up effect. The luster and antique appearance are characteristic of this type of leather. The applied foil reacts to oil-based care products and therefore a special product is needed for cleaning and care. PU-Protector is the ideal product for both cleaning and caring for this type of leather.

The imitation leather has the same appearance, and PU Leather Protector Colourlock, 1L is also suitable for this material. PU leather and artificial leather are used in the production of furniture, gloves and shoes.

The amount of 150 ml of PU Protector is sufficient for cleaning and caring for a complete set of furniture. The quantity of one liter is recommended for several frequently used furniture sets.

How to use: PU leather and similar artificial leathers must be periodically cleaned of dust with a lint-free and dry cloth or a slightly moistened cloth. Every 3-6 months the leather must be cleaned and cared for with PU Protector. Dampen a soft, lint-free cloth with PU Protector and apply evenly on the surface from one seam to another. Stains will be removed, light traces of wear will be repaired, gloss will be restored and the surface will be protected.


PU leather or PU synthetic leather does not tolerate oil or fat-based products and more aggressive cleaning products. The material will become sticky and begin to tear.

Cleans and regularly cares for the areas that come into contact with human hair and skin. Skin and hair fats coming into contact with PU leather react with it, making it sticky.

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