Protec Cleaning Foam and Neutralizer Kit
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Protec Cleaning Foam and Neutralizer Kit

Protec Cleaning Foam and Neutralizer Kit

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Protec Cleaning Foam K1 is a specially developed high performance formula that dissolves and eliminates all contamination caused operationally throughout the combustion chamber of an engine. The product removes carbon residue from the cylinder head area, especially on the valves, the piston ring, the upper part of the piston and in the area of ​​the first piston ring. Also clean the intake and exhaust valve seats (if open). Residues from the EGR valve, turbocharger and air intake system (intake manifold at the intake valves) are also reliably removed. Carbon X does not attack seals and is compatible with all engine components.

Protec Neutralizer K2 causes a chemical reaction that liquefies previously introduced cleaning foam (K1) and binds the dissolved contamination. With the X carbon extractor, the resulting emulsion and dissolved deposits can be safely removed from the combustion chamber. Because K2 has extremely efficient lubricating additives with extremely high cohesion (extreme pressure additives), Carbon X protects the engine from high friction during the starting process, thus preventing wear on mechanical components. In addition, seals are effectively protected.

Contents: 1 kit (2 x 500ml)