Professional Air Freshener ScentEvo Line 300, White
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Professional Air Freshener ScentEvo Line 300, White

Professional Air Freshener ScentEvo Line 300, White

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Professional Air Freshener ScentEvo Line 300, White is based on the new advanced technology of perfume diffusion through aerosol. This technology of nano-atomization of the perfume particle ensures an efficient dispersion of the aroma throughout the diffusion period. It is considered the "healthiest" way to scent a space due to the diffusion of liquid perfume in nano vapor droplets.

It is a professional odorization device provided with an intelligent system that allows complex and personalized programming - up to 5 programs for setting the odorization interval and up to 995 intensity intervals.

Professional Air Freshener ScentEvo Line 300, White is the perfect choice for all those who focus on details because it is a simple and efficient method for the uniform and healthy perfuming of medium spaces (up to 800 m3).

Its modern and elegant design makes it easy to integrate into any space, whether you want it to be visible or in a discreet place. Also, the ScentEvo Line 300B professional room air freshener can be installed in the HVAC ventilation system, thus increasing the volume of scented air by more than 10 times.

Professional Air Freshener ScentEvo Line 300, White allows for a uniform distribution of the perfume and a digital personalization of the way of use according to wishes.
up to 5 fragrance diffusion intervals/programs.
995 odorization intervals depending on the desired intensity. It can be set from 5 seconds to 999 seconds of continuous operation.
You can choose the days of the week, the hour and the minute at which the device can start or stop, for each individual program.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: L170 x H200 x D80.5 mm
Coverage: 300 - 400 m³
Voltage: 12V
Power: 7W
Volume: <35dB
Perfume container: 300 ml
Weight: 0.9 kg
Built-in fan
Consumption: between 0.1 ml - 0.4 ml per hour, depending on the level of intensity
Intelligent programming system
No batteries required
It closes with a key

Advantages of perfumes:

The flavors are spread evenly, covering a large surface. We offer a wide range of delicate perfumes.
Perfumes are based on essential oils and are safe for health. The advanced diffusion technology avoids saturating the space with particles harmful to health. The product does not contain VOC (volatile organic compounds).
The perfume container is easy to assemble and disassemble.
It has a powerful pump designed for a better spread of the smell.
Professional Air Freshener ScentEvo Line 300, White is silent, economical and has an elegant design. Ideal for use in commercial spaces, hotels, business spaces, clubs, spa centers, etc.
It does not require maintenance, costs are significantly reduced.
The installation kit of the professional air freshener, the warranty certificate and the declaration of conformity are included in the package.

Made of high quality materials and with special finishes, the room freshener harmoniously combines comfort with ingenious design. The minimalist style that was adopted when creating this air freshener makes it extremely easy to integrate into any type of environment, whether we are talking about shops, offices, luxury hotels, restaurants or even industrial halls.

It is suitable for entrepreneurs who want to be in trend with the new marketing trends, more precisely with scent marketing. What does this thing mean? Associating a certain fragrance with your brand can only bring you benefits. And this kind of professional room freshener, which enjoys great coverage, is exactly what you need to be easily identified by those who cross your threshold.

Some studies have shown that aromas can attract customers and increase their level of satisfaction, they can stimulate sales and increase trust in a certain brand.

Attention: The perfume is purchased separately.

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