Pressure Washer Bigboi WashR Flo
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Pressure Washer Bigboi WashR Flo

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Every person who has ever washed a car knows how slow and inaccurate a hose can be. From wetting the car to washing the foam, we can all agree that it is definitely a long process!

Built with state-of-the-art technology, the Pressure Washer Bigboi WashR Flo is equipped with a full stop system (TSS) and will detect water flow in the pump, automatically shutting down the engine and protecting the appliance from overheating.

The Pressure Washer Bigboi WashR Flo comes with a brushless induction aluminum pump motor, so it is substantially quieter than other pressure washers on the market. With this engine comes moving parts that last 3 times longer than electric motors with charcoal brushes. WashR Flo also contains 1/4 inch quick connect attachments throughout and is beautifully designed with the iconic Bigboi color palette.

With an actual pressure reading of 2600PSI and a flow rate of 7LPM, the Pressure Washer Bigboi WashR Flo is suitable for an induction of 1600W and a voltage of 240V / 50HZ.

Technical specifications:

Voltage: 240V / 50HZ
Motor: 1600 W
Maximum pressure: True 2600PSI
Maximum flow: 7LPM min
Hose length: 8m
Maximum water temperature: can accept up to 50 C
Length of power cord: 3m
Pressure nozzle connection: 1/4 inch
Box size (W x H x H): 60 x 37 x 33 cm
Box weight: 14 kg

Package contents:

1 x Pressure Washer Bigboi WashR Flo
1 x professional series large-mouth foam cannon (hole size 1.15)
1 x quick release handgun with stainless steel extension arm
1 x 8m hose
4 x quick release nozzles of various degrees (hole size 0.92 mm)
1 x water source filter
1 x quick release hose connector
1 x user manual