Press-in-Place Emblem Adhesive 3M
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Press-in-Place Emblem Adhesive 3M

Press-in-Place Emblem Adhesive 3M

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Use the Press-in-Place Emblem Adhesive 3M as a transfer adhesive to attach the foam tape emblems again, without stringing or cutting. Our adhesive is designed for greater workshop efficiency. Apply quickly and easily, without the agitation or dirt of normal adhesives.

Save time, work more efficiently without the agitation of adhesives - use 3M Adhesive for printing in the 3M position as a transfer adhesive to attach foam tape emblems again. With our adhesive there is no need for stringing or cutting, and now you can save and reuse damaged emblems. Keep in stock for a more efficient workshop.


- the pressure sensitive adhesive attaches emblems and car gaskets
- simply press the emblem on the adhesive and place the emblem on the vehicle
- dirt-free comfort removes dirty drops and runs common to conventional glue
- does not require cutting just like the 2-sided tape
- creates a secure and lasting connection

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