Polish Paste Rupes Uno Advanced, 250ml
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Polish Paste Rupes Uno Advanced, 250ml

Polish Paste Rupes Uno Advanced, 250ml

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Polish Paste Rupes Uno Advanced, 250ml combines incredible shine and extremely durable protection in a single finishing step. The proprietary formula developed, mixed and packaged entirely by Rupes presents a high-tech micro-abrasive technology fused with the latest generation nano protection. Polish Paste Rupes Uno Advanced, 250ml removes minor imperfections from a variety of surfaces, while creating a durable protective layer that provides up to 12 months of protection against environmental contaminants and makes cleaning incredibly easy.

Use Polish Paste Rupes Uno Advanced, 250ml as an autonomous solution for light correction, gloss improvement and protection in one easy step or as a follow-up step after a more aggressive composition. In any of the applications, the surface will be visibly glossier and clearer to the touch. Polish Paste Rupes Uno Advanced, 250ml is universally compatible with all types of car movement and can be safely used on any non-porous surface, including paint, lacquers, gelcoat, powder and transparent paint.


- Polish Paste Rupes Uno Advanced, 250ml will separate in the bottle. It is important to shake before the first use and before putting on the sponge each time.
- Rupes D-A Ultrafine Foam Pad, 130 / 150mm, White and Microfiber Ultrafine Polish Pad Rupes D-A Ultra-Fine Microfiber, 130mm are recommended for correction and gloss improvement applications.
- Rupes Medium Wool Polishing Pad, 130/145mm is recommended for increased elimination of defects.
- Polish Paste Rupes Uno Advanced, 250ml will cure within 4 hours after application. Avoid exposure to water during this time.

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