Plastic and Rubber Care 3D Trim Care, 473ml
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Plastic and Rubber Care 3D Trim Care, 473ml

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Plastic and Rubber Care 3D Trim Care, 473ml is a lotion-like restorer for all types of plastic, rubber, vinyl and even metal surfaces. Restores a deep, rich dark glow to faded and aged ornaments and exterior components.

Benefits of Plastic and Rubber Care 3D Trim Care, 473ml:

- gives a rich dark look to faded plastic, vinyl, rubber and metal ornaments
- use on body ornaments, door handles, rear-view mirrors, bumpers, body cladding, tread panels, wiper arms, windshield housing, etc.
- strong polymers that block UV prevent discoloration, aging and cracking
- dry to the touch, quick, easy application
- water resistant, will not leak in wet weather or repeated washing
- formula with fast drying, without traces, maintains the new look of the factory
- protects against further damage caused by the sun, acid rain, chemical decay, oxidation, ozone and alkaline soaps and degreasers
- actively rejects dirt, water and other air contaminants
- Works on all colors of plastic exterior trim, including black, brown and gray

Way of ussage:

Always apply on a clean, cool surface in the shade. Always shake liquids well before and during use.

Step 1: Apply Plastic and Rubber Care 3D Trim Care, 473ml directly to a microfiber applicator pad or cloth. Spread on the surface to be treated and actively massage the product on the surface at any level possible. Allow the product to penetrate for 45 seconds to one minute
Step 2: Using a clean, microfiber towel, remove any excess Plastic and Rubber Care 3D Trim Care, 473ml and finish this treated area with a dry, rich satin gloss. Repeat this process for the rest of any plastic, vinyl, rubber, moldings, sprayers or components on the rest of the vehicle.

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