Paper Towel Dispenser with Sensor Esenia
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Paper Towel Dispenser with Sensor Esenia

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Paper Towel Dispenser with Sensor Esenia can be used with paper towel rolls of minimum 19 cm or maximum width of 21 cm. The paper towel waiting time can be adjusted. (0.5 ~ 15 sec). The product has an automatic switching function. If the electricity is interrupted, your device automatically switches to battery power. It has a sensor, which can also function as a sensor button. The automatic paper exit mode can be activated by holding down the sensor button for 15 seconds. The section is always ready to tear the disposable paper. Promotes increased hygiene because the roll is inside the cover for the roll, being protected from microbes.

Size: 40 x 23.5 x 31 cm – 2.70 kg

Sensor operation distance: 10mm ~ 80 mm

Quantity: 1 pc