Paint Coating Sonax Profiline CeramicCoating CC36 Kit
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Paint Coating Sonax Profiline CeramicCoating CC36 Kit

Paint Coating Sonax Profiline CeramicCoating CC36 Kit

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Paint Coating Sonax Profiline CeramicCoating CC36 Kit is the first ceramic protection removed by Sonax. This protection has an increased resistance to UV and chemical rays. It offers an incredible shine with an impressive intensification of colors. If properly maintained, the Sonax Profiline CeramicCoating CC36 Kit can protect up to 36 months, if annual maintenance is performed!

Advantages of the Paint Coating Sonax Profiline CeramicCoating CC36 Kit:

- fewer washes due to the effect: "Easy to clean";
- incredibly deep gloss;
- extends the life of the paint and thus actively contributes to preserving the value of the vehicle;


Carefully wash the car and remove all contaminants from the painted surface. Polish the paint using a polishing machine to remove as many scratches as possible.

Insulation - Step 1:

- before insulation, the varnish / paint layer must be perfectly clean; apply the "Prepare" product, and then carefully wipe off the residue;
- fold the gray cloth contained in the set around the sponge 1 without the existence of any crease;
- open Sonax Basecoat (1) and screw in the sharp nozzle for dosing;
- pour a few drops of product on the cloth and, applying the product crosswise, apply in a thin layer on the surface always taking care to work on small sections at once (1/4 of a hood or 1/2 square meters). Add more product if necessary;
- let it dry temporarily, and using a clean microfiber cloth wipe carefully taking care not to leave stains or marks;
- start working on the next section, always taking care to overlap the already treated surfaces. As soon as you have finished a section of the machine, it must be meticulously checked to make sure that there are no stains or defects. They must be wiped and leveled immediately.

Note: Starting from this step, the already treated surfaces must not be touched or watered.

Isolation - Step 2:

- after the entire painted surface has been insulated with Sonax Basecoat (1), the application of Sonax Glosscoat (2) can begin. Important: The product hardens partially in about 1 hour.
- start applying Sonax Glosscoat (2) from the same place where you started applying Sonax Basecoat (1) using sponge no. 2 and taking care to distribute the product evenly on the surface. Carefully apply on the thin side of the sponge 2;
- the areas on which Glosscoat (2) is applied may be larger than those treated with Basecoat (1);
- when a complete section has been treated, it must be wiped immediately with a microfiber cloth to remove the excess.

Attention: The car must not be watered in the first 24 hours after applying the treatment, ideally not washed in the first week.

Paint Coating Sonax Profiline CeramicCoating CC36 Kit contains:

- Sonax Profiline BaseCoat (1) - 50 ml
- Sonax Profiline GlossCoat (2) - 60 ml
- Sonax Profiline Prepare - 100 ml
- 2 application sponges
- 1 microfiber cloth

Quantity: 1 kit