Paint Coating Nanolex Si3D BC, 30ml
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Paint Coating Nanolex Si3D BC, 30ml

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This semi-hydrophobic coating incorporates all the advantages that come with today's ceramic protections, but adding performance and durability with the key feature: flexibility. The Si3D BC surface is very suitable for layering, thus offering an extraordinary finish. The rigid, amorphous but flexible layers, combined with cross-linked, balanced structures, ensure both the desired flexibility and the improved bonding strength. Unlike conventional silane-based coatings, where volatility decreases crystal formation during conversion, the sophisticated formulation of Paint Coating Nanolex Si3D BC, 30ml offers solid, strong and extremely dense glass layers that even become stronger during hardening. The solvents used in Nanolex BC are safe, non-aggressive, slow-evaporating solvents, which guarantee compatibility with freshly painted cars and sensitive paints, along with simple and trouble-free application of the product.

Product features:

- exceptional resistance and resistance to scratches, flexibility
- remarkable durability of 3-5 years
- improved bonding of the substrate
- application without problems

Very compatible with Nanolex Si3D and Si3D HD as a subsequent protective layer.

Basically, the product was developed as a primer or a base coat for Si3D and Si3D HD protection. It is meant to make it much easier to apply on extremely soft, repaired paints, without varnish (in a single layer) or those that are very easy to damage. Even though Si3D BC also works as an independent layer, it is not as hydrophobic as Si3D or Si3D HD.

Therefore, our recommendation is to be followed by the application of Si3D to obtain the hydrophobicity, color and brightness of Si3D. Paint Coating Nanolex Si3D BC, 30ml does not affect the lifespan of Si3D and Si3D HD in a negative way. Physically and chemically it is even stronger and more resistant than Si3D and Si3D HD, yet being as flexible as anything at the same time. You can use BC on all surfaces that you would protect with Si3D, both for painted parts, unpainted plastics and all kinds of bare metal surfaces.

The application is very easy. You can apply BC just like Si3D, even easier, namely, spread the product using microfiber suede until the surface becomes clear and nothing is visible on the surface. BC can be applied even more easily, meaning that it can be applied in a thicker layer, stretching it only a few times, allowing the solvents to evaporate. Once it looks almost dry, almost all the signs of stretching have faded, the solvents have evaporated, simply wipe it with a microfiber towel and the surface will become completely clear.

In this way, wipe the surface as little as possible with both the applicator and the microfiber towel, thus reducing the risk of damaging the surface. Once the BC is a little dry, which means at least an hour, the coat is already so hard that you can apply another coat of BC or cover it with a layer of Si3D easily.

We suggest applying two coats of BC for maximum benefit on all surfaces. Don't forget to let both layers harden for an hour before the next layer or Si3D. The product consumption is the same as for the other Nanolex coatings. So a 30ml bottle should make a normal sized hatchback or sedan, 50ml for large cars and SUVs or the like.

Quantity: 30 ml