Paint Coating Gyeon Q2 One EVO, 50ml
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Paint Coating Gyeon Q2 One EVO, 50ml

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After two years of intensive research and development, it was time to take the spectrum of Gyeon ceramics to a new level: by presenting a technological reEvolution in the chemical group of polysilazans, Gyeon was able to almost double the durability and simplify the application process: time The deletion has been drastically expanded with the new EVO forms.

Moreover: all new EVO ceramics no longer require a two-layer application, but only a single layer, and moreover, they can be applied even outdoors, in fresh air; a garage is no longer a mandatory requirement. The only thing to insure is a dry place for the next 12 hours and a little shade for application.

Paint Coating Gyeon Q2 One EVO, 50ml is the silica-based base coat from Gyeon. It is ideal for price-conscious users looking for maximum performance with the most efficient use of resources.

Similar to its older brother Gyeon Q2 Pure EVO, 50ml, Gyeon Q2 One EVO, 50ml creates an impressive pearl effect and is a modern counterpart to high quality natural wax in terms of durability. The fantastic depth of color is accompanied by a durable and highly resistant chemical protection against all kinds of environmental influences, which guarantees a quick and easy cleaning of your vehicle.

Durability: up to 24 months or 25,000 km
Consumption: 30 ml / vehicle

Quantity: 50ml