Orbital Polisher Rupes Bigfoot Mini iBrid HLR75
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Orbital Polisher Rupes Bigfoot Mini iBrid HLR75

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The new Orbital Polisher Rupes Bigfoot Mini iBrid HLR75 represents the evolution of RUPES tools with iBrid dual-power technology. Ideal for polishing applications in curves, contours and compact spaces, the HLR75 iBrid Mini has a 12 mm orbit and a Ø75 mm (3 inch) support plate for maneuverability and precise control.

The iBrid RUPES patented technology concept, first introduced in the BigFoot iBrid Nano family of tools, increases process efficiency and optimizes the user experience, giving technicians the option to choose the power platform that best suits their specific situation or application. Use the battery for wireless operation or insert the iBrid power adapter and run continuously with the power cord. The power and performance of the iBrid Mini are identical, regardless of the choice of power, thanks to a specialized engine platform, designed, developed and manufactured internally by RUPES.

The Orbital Polisher Rupes Bigfoot Mini iBrid HLR75 has a revolutionary design for the world of polish machines, unlike any polishing tool seen before. Ergonomics have been optimized by reimagining the grinder design. It is extremely comfortable and easy to use in a variety of grip and hand positions. The unique design offers incredible maneuverability and balance to guarantee accurate and efficient polishing results, while reducing operator fatigue.

IBRID TECHNOLOGY - Innovative iBrid technology allows the RUPES iBrid family of tools to be configured to work with either battery or cable. Unlike battery-only or cable tools, iBrid tools allow the operator to choose their preferred power platform or switch from one power source to another. The performance is identical regardless of the power supply.

DESIGN AND ERGONOMICS - In-depth studies and research in ergonomics have led to a reimagined form factor of the polishing tool. Modern lines and carefully analyzed hand positions are combined with exceptional technical quality to create a grinder that changes the way we look at tool design and what we expect in terms of user comfort.

MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY - HLR75 is perfect for polishing applications on curved surfaces or compact areas where full-size sanders are not efficient or safe. The small size of the tool, the 12 mm orbital stroke and the Ø75 mm (3 inch) support plate allow the iBrid Mini to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of polishing operations, especially on today's complex modern car models.

ELECTRONIC SPEED CONTROL MODE - The speed control dial is very visible and easy to adjust. It allows the operator to select or change the speed of the grinder without interrupting the application process.

ACCELERATION PEDAL - Derived from the operating levers commonly found on pneumatic tools, the ergonomic and rubber lever with variable speed provides precise control and full comfort to the operator, while adding a safety layer that will deactivate the tool if it is dropped or slipped from the operator's handle.

BATTERY AND BATTERY CHARGING - Lithium-ion batteries (18V 2.5Ah) with LED indicators show the charge level at the touch of a button. A full charge allows between 35 and 45 minutes of continuous operation.

The HLR75 iBrid Mini battery charger is custom designed to fit your unique iBrid Mini battery system. The charging station indicates the charging status using integrated LED lights and offers a 100% charge from zero to maximum in about 35 minutes.


1 x Orbital Polisher Rupes Bigfoot Mini iBrid HLR75
2 x Battery
1 x Charger